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We have recently become a little harder to reach. That does not mean, however, you and your companions are any less important to us. When trying to reach us please leave a message with the answering service. Both Dr. Roger Osinchuk and his staff members will be checking messages at least two times daily and doing their best to return calls morning and night. As always, if you have an emergency the answering service will page the doctor so that your call can be returned urgently. We thank you for your patience!

Electronic Coggins

We are now offering electronic coggins. The next time you have an appointment to have a coggins drawn we will be taking pictures of your horse and collecting information such as breed, date of birth, sex, and color. We will only have to do this one time and that information will be saved for following years. You will be able to access and print your coggins online. For your next visit, get those horses ready for their photo shoot! No boots or blankets please. 


As many of you are aware, it is always best to deworm your horse based off of fecal egg count results versus a rotational deworming schedule. We are recommending doing a fecal at least once per year. To make that easier, we now have fecal mailers that we can leave with you or you can come pick up. Now, you can collect your horses fecal on your own schedule and put it straight in the mail, postage already paid! We will then call you with results and a deworming schedule if necessary. Call us today if you are interested in receiving a fecal mailer or ask us at your next appointment.

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